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Solar systems security GPS Tracker ?

Solar Panel security?

Solar Panels will become sought after items in the Netherlands and abroad. Research shows that 10% of damage to solar panels is caused by theft. Solar panels nowadays are often secured with secure fittings and cameras which are monitored in expensive security facilities.

Which GPS Trackers are suitable for securing my solar panels?

Innovation solution Tracker

The Innovation solution Tracker offers the possibility to create a closed circuit. If you have several solar panels, this can be an excellent solution. When the closed circuit is broken, the GPS Tracker will send a text message (or call) to you and up to ten others.

Your GPS Tracker can also monitor switches (on/off), offering optimized security for your solar panels.

ClickTrace +

The ClickTrace+ can be linked to your solar panel easily. This way, the GPS Tracker uses the power provided by the solar panel. In effect, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the power supply for your module. If the sun didn’t provide enough power, the GPS Tracker will automatically switch to the integrated battery, which will last for 3 years under ideal conditions.

The ClickTrace + comes with a data card and a vibration sensor, so when the solar panel is moved, the sensor will detect it and immediately send a text message alarm to you and up to 10 other people. This not only guarantees immediate warning but you can also log in to your personal web application anywhere, anytime, to check the exact location of your solar panels.

Extra details
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• IP65 dust and spray proof
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!

Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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