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How does Clicktrace work? +
This Track Trace model is highly flexible and can be placed inside any desired object within seconds, using the strong magnets. Once placed, the Track Trace module does its job. If the object starts to move, the Track Trace module will send its positions with an adjustable interval, to your web application as long as it’s moving, thanks to the built-in vibration sensor. This enables you to follow and guard your Track Trace in real time! By adjusting the vibration function to switch on/off at a fixed time, it is possible to monitor vehicles or other objects when you’re not around. When this vibration sensor is activated, you (and up to 10 other people) will receive a text message, or you will be called. Also, this Track Trace has the Geofence function (see Geofence alarm).

Because Gpsvolgsystemen.eu is the manufacturer of this product, we are constantly innovating. New GPS receivers hit the market continuously which are more sensitive with lower power consumption. We use the latest technology in the ClickTrace XS and ClickTrace + so you can be assured that you always use the latest technology!

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