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Why Gpsvolgsystemen.eu?

1 Guaranteed the lowest monthly costs!
2 Choice from pre-paid or subscription, Gpsvolgsystemen.eu is MVNO of M2M (machine to machine) datacards (KPN). So all solutions under one roof.
3 No subscription costs The prices displayed include a web application and an iPhone app where the positions are automatically displayed by your ClickTrace module(s).
4 Entirely transparent about cost and guaranteed the lowest monthly fees! (no odd crediting systems)
5 Top quality. We are manufacturers, our products are produced in-house in the Netherlands. We only work with the highest quality (A) components from Europe (no inferior China parts). Because we produce in-house, everything can be tailor-made. 6 The best (free) service
7 Professional (15 years experience)
8 All electronics integrated in one compact housing. Because of the compact size, the product can easily and user friendly be built in (within seconds).
9 When used with batteries (which are easy to replace), the ClickTrace has the world’s longest standby time. When connected to another power source, the batteries operate as a backup.
10 Works anywhere in Europe

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