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GPS Tracker fleet management solutions and security against theft?

Do you need GPS Trackers for your fleet management?

GPS Trackers Fleet Management enables you to manage the movements of a fleet of corporate vehicles more easily. Fleet management includes commercial vehicles, such as cars, ships, vans and trucks, but also train cars. Fleet Management is a function that enables fleet owners to reduce risks associated with their fleet. But it also improves efficiency, productivity and it reduces the total transportation and personnel cost, while ensuring close compliance to legal limitations such as speed limits or kilometer registration.

To help you as much as possible in achieving this, we have developed various GPS Trackers ‘in-house’. This enables you to support and secure your entire fleet. Which results in better monitoring and improved management.

Which GPS Volgsysteem models are suitable for my fleet management?

ClickTrace Follow

With the ClickTrace Follow it is possible to follow your ‘fleet’ on our (mobile) web application. You will have a complete overview on our platform, with data such as location, starting/stopping time, visuals in Google maps, downloadable trip histories (for export to Excel) and many more possibilities. We recommend you take a look at our ‘Demo’ (mobile) web application for all its functionalities. If you have questions, you can always give us a call.
You would probably like to manage your fleet as safely as possible so you don’t have to worry about the products you move and your people driving the vehicles.

ClickTrace +

This GPS Volgsysteem model is very flexible and can be placed in any object within seconds, but using the strong fixing magnets. Once placed, the GPS Trackers do their job. When the object moves, the GPS Tracker modules will (according to an adjustable interval), automatically send positions to your web application, thanks to the integrated vibration sensor. This enables you to follow and guard your fleet ‘live’! By adjusting the vibration function to switch on/off at a fixed time, it is possible to monitor vehicles or other objects when you’re not around. When this vibration sensor is activated, you (and up to 10 other people) will receive a text message, or you will be called. Also, this GPS Tracker has the Geofence function (i.e. virtual fence).

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

Further details

• The GPS Volgsysteem modulles are ready for use ones delivered
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• IP65 dust and spray proof
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!

Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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