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Online login (mobile) web application:

After purchase you will receive your personal login details for your own web application, to which your ClickTrace module is linked. The web application will automatically display the positions of your ClickTrace module(s). The data will be stored for up to one year. The web application is included in the price, so you will not pay for a subscription. Click here for a demo page of the ClickTrace web application.
For demo: Log in with username ‘demo’ and password ‘demo’
Professional platform:
For the customers with specific wishes, we use our professional platform. This professional platform offers an ideal combination of our tailor-made products. The possibilities are virtually unlimited in this combination. See the Case page for some examples of various projects.
A demo of this page is not available, simply because every web application in this platform is configured differently (these are always tailor made).
Of course you are always welcome to make an appointment without any obligations, at our sales office for more information or a demonstration..

For optimum mobility in tracking and for optimum user friendliness, Gpsvolgsystemen.eu adds a free iPhone/Android app to the standard web application. With this app you can log on to your web application from anywhere in the world and directly check the current positions of your objects (with GPS Trackers on board) en even navigate to them.

Mobiele Webapp   Demo

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