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GPS Trackers and security for transport?

Transportation by means of trucks and vans often hold valuable goods that need to be delivered to the or picked up at the customer. Sometimes trailers are not used for extended periods of time. With the functionailities of our GPS Tracking systems, these vehicles can be monitored and secured at all times.

Which Track Trace Products are well suited for this purpose?

ClickTrace Follow

Tracking Our GPS Tracking Systems have various uses which could all be of help to you. You can use our GPS Tracking Systems to request the location occasionally or by following it ‘live’.

If you opt for the version that provides the location upon request, you GPS Tracking System will be fitted with a pre-paid card, which incurs a one-off cost (pre-paid is included in the price).

If you wish to be able to follow your vehicle step-by-step, it is possible to get a 12 month data card, at a rate of €9,99 per month. You can log on to your account with our (mobile) web application whenever, wherever.

ClickTrace +

Tracking and Securing

‘Wireless’ battery life:

It is not always possible to connect a trailer or a semi-trailer to a battery if they are kept in one place for longer periods of time. For this specific purpose we have developed several GPS Tracking Systems.

Our GPS Tracking Systems always offer the possibility to work without an external battery for a longer period of time. Thanks to the power magnets, the GPS Tracking Systems can easily be built in, on or under your object/vehicle.

Clicktrace XS : standby time of 1 year*, small size, sturdy, easy to conceil

ClickTrace + : standby time of 3 years*, medium size, most proven and sold model

ClickTrace XL : standby time of 10 years*, large size, suitable for larger objects


I.e. the GPS Tracking Systems are connected to an external battery and you will not have to worry about power. The GPS Tracking Systems that are fitted with these options are the ClickTrace + and the ClickTrace Follow. The ClickTrace + is our top selling item!

These GPS Tracking Systems have the same functionalities with their own unique characteristics, which offer ideal use in various circumstances. The can be mounted within 5 seconds because of their powerful fixing magnets

Vibration sensor

Vibration sensors can be fitted to these GPS Tracking Systems, which can detect vibrations of different magnitudes. If your vehicle is moving, the GPS Tracker will automatically send a text message alarm to you and up to 10 other people.


These GPS Trackingsystems also have the possibility to be actived for a certain time frame, in combination with the vibration sensor. If the time frame is set between 6pm and 6am e.g. and the vehicle is moving, the system will send a text message alarm so you can log on to your (mobile) web application immediately. This makes you independent of expensive switchboard services, and you can notify the police yourself.

Geofence (virtual fence)

It is also possible to create a ‘Geofence’ around your equipment, i.e. a virtual fence. Should the equipment spend long periods of time in one location, it can be good to know when it leaves the site or when it is moving. The virtual fence can be set up with a diameter of 50 or 100 meters. Should the equipment come outside this ring, you will receive a text message alarm or call, together with up to 10 other people.

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

Further details

• The Track Trace modulles are ready for use ones delivered
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• IP65 dust and spray proof
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!

Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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