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Track Trace for camper, caravan or other vehicles?

Are you going on vacation or are you traveling frequently? Then of course you would like to feel well-rested and not having to worry about your vehicle. We have developed several different Track Trace systems for this purpose, which we will show you below. These Track Trace systems can both trace and add security!

Which GPS Tracker is best suitable for this?

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The Track Trace ‘Wired’ can be connected to a 12/24V battery so you don’t have to worry about the lifespan of the battery pack. You can request the location via a pre-paid card when you want it. Should you, just for your peace of mind, want to know the location or if you think it is stolen, you can request the data from the Track Trace and the location of the vehicle will be sent to you. If the location differs from your expectations and you don’t trust the situation, you may contact the police yourself. If you choose for pre-paid, you have the possibility to request the location data. This can come in very handy if you just want to know where you left your car. This way you only incurr one-off cost.

Beside this pre-paid option (as of standard), you can also choose for a 12 month login possibility for our (mobile) web application. For this we ask a small subscription fee of €9,99 per month, which offers you the possibility to see the history of all movements via your GPS Tracker.This GPS Tracker is easily installed. Would you like to have the possibility to request the position yourself without commitment to a subscription, then this is the ideal solution as this GPS Tracker can be fitted with a pre-paid card.
Should you constantly want to know where your vehicle or object is/has been, the web application with subscription is ideal since this stores the data up to a year.

Data that can be reviewed is a.o.

• Distance
• Speed
• Start/stop
• You can take a look under the menu ‘specifications’

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One of the options is to let your vehicle transmit its position once a day, so you are always aware of where your vehicle is at that moment. Transmission of these positions to the free (mobile) web application is adjustable, i.e. the interval can be once per minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. This way you will always know where your vehicle is.

Should your vehicle be unused for a certain period, or this happens on a regular basis, you can set these periods. The Track Trace system has a motion sensor which gives away movement of the vehicle. In that case it is possible to send an SMS alarm message to yourself and 10 other people. Geofence is also an option, which can best be imagined as a virtual fence around your vehicle. Should your vehicle move beyond the boundaries of this fence, you (and 10 others) will receive an SMS alarm (or you will be called). Your vehicle will always be safe!

With the option mentioned above you will always be able to make free use of our (mobile) web application to view all the data.

These Track Trace systems have several possible power sources. You can choose for a Track Trace system with a (wired) battery connection (12/24V). You can choose for the (wireless) battery pack, which under ideal conditions lasts for 3 years, or for the removable connection, enabling you to use the Track Trace where and when you please.

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

RF Transponder for your camper, caravan or other vehicles?

Our RF Transponders have a Accu live time up to 15 years! This way you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. Throught our newest technology you can go on a holiday and let your vehicle save behind. Go to our webshop and read all about it!
Radio module 3 jaarRadio module 5, 10, 15 year

Further details

• The Track Trace modulles are ready for use ones delivered
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• IP65 dust and spray proof
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!

Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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