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About us

The company behind was founded in 1995 by a group of experienced programmers and developers. is a Dutch supplier and manufacturer of GPS tracking and security systems, for remotely managing mobile objects. This mobile objects can range from a small power generator, pump set, an excavator, truck and large mobile cranes and trucks. Everything should be or whose data is to be recorded objectively monitored remotely, we can provide you with one of our standard or customized solutions.

Custom Solutions

Every project, every machine and every customer is different. What is important for one customer or client maybe isn’t so important for the other client or customer. In order to provide the right solution for every situation we provide standard and customized solutions.

Core Business / motive

Customers of B.T.S. ask for specific applications and solutions in the areas of tracking, protecting, controlling , monitoring and alerting . Reliability, service and operation of the product are really important to us and our customers.

Core products / services

Cause all elements are build up from the ground, we can guarantee the reliability, service and operation of our products. This is in contrast to products which are produced in China.

Extras / supply

Research conducted by an independent consulting firm commissioned by the government has shown that a number 20 national and international companies our products / services are best assessed in terms of sustainability , quality, service and continuity of the latest technological developments.

If you have any questions and / or comments we like to hear from you.

What is unique about product ?

Our product is characterized by very high quality, ease of use and durability. Our systems are mainly used in applications where high quality requirements apply. Besides that, the Click Trace products are known for their very long autonomy. This is partly due to the A -quality components are used which are very efficient in energy consumption.

Why is this solution better?

Reliability, durability and ease to use. The people behind our products have decades of experience in the engineering industry and are therefore able to deliver highly innovative products..

What data fields are recorded?

What the customer whishes. We make a lot of tailor made products with the reading of several fields, is desirable. As standard we read default: Time , date, internal battery (emergency) , external battery level (monitoring of battery) , GSM status , GPS , motion or standstill , speed, distance , internal settings , speed and XYZ axis .

There are fields to add?

Yes, fields are able to be adjusted and fields can be added. Whatever the customer wishes.

Which platform technologies are used?

The latest technology , Node.js , and on top of the framework Mojito. On the client side we use Purecss and YUI3 . All of this has a modular design to allow for adjustments and are easy to carry around to the whole needs of the customer to set up 100%. From.

Node.js is fairly new and is the best technology at the time. FYI: Mojito is used by Yahoo itself, since the framework is able to handle (80 million page views per day) and to create robust and scalable web applications on high visitor. In practice this means that a web application contains independent modules with their own unit tests and documentation. This technology is so new that it – as far as I know, still is not used, apart from our own projects in the Netherlands.

The web application is so modern that Yahoo has asked to do a presentation about it, held by our own programmer.

More information about these techniques:
Yahoo! Search:
Node.js: and


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