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Tracking System helps against scooter theft

Volgsysteem helpt tegen scooterroof

The joint approach of insurers, the police and the two-wheeler industry to make life miserable for scooter thieves, is netting results.
For the first time a stolen vehicle was recovered via the gps tracking system. Hundreds of owners have had them built in. “Of course this is positive, but we aren’t there yet”, says director Wouter Verkerk of the Insurance Bureau of Vehicle Criminality (VbV). “Scooters are a favorite among criminals and yearly about 13.000 of them are stolen, of which only 25% is ever recovered.”
For this reason the cooperating parties did the ultimate effort to put a hold to this development. Under the banner ‘Hands off my scooter’ owners of the thousands of Euros worth of vehicles, were introduced to the benefits of gps tracking systems. The additional €200 investment is quickly returned, because scooter drivers get a substantial discount on their insurance premiums and a discount on their ‘own risk’ of €125.
The largest moped insurer, Unigarant Insurances, was the first to promote these systems amongst its policy holders. “And with positive results, because the first stolen moped with tracking system installed could quickly be recovered and returned to the rightful owner”, says the VbV spokesperson.



News from the year 2003 up ’till now

The open barndoor, symbol of being welcome, is no longer self-evident. The countryside and in particular the agricultural and horticultural companies, are ever more the target of criminals, in some cases united in gangs. Interpolis signals a growing number of thefts. “In particular 5 year old tractors are sought after. We never find anything back so we suspect this equipment to be moved over the border”, says Ronald de Miliano, agricultural specialist with the insurance company. PinC, partner in continuity, works hard at offering preventative measures that are both practical and affordable. Joint efforts and cooperation in a type of neighbourhood watch can prevent a lot of misery, as noticed by farmers and growers in the Oosterhout region.

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