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GPS followsystem for bikes, Track Trace and security solutions against theft?

Track Trace for my motorcycle or scooter?

Motorcycles and scooters are wanted objects for thieves because they are relatively easy to move. Is your steering lock not sufficient? Then we have several options for you. A simple GPS Tracker can make sure that you can leave your motorcycle or scooter with peace of mind.

Welke Track Trace Products zijn hiervoor geschikt?

ClickTrace Follow

The GPS Tracking System ‘Wired’ can be connected to the 12/24V battery, you don’t have to worry about the battery life. The location can be sent using the pre-paid card, on your request. Would you just like to know your motorcycle’s or scooter’s location for some peace of mind, or do you suspect it to be stolen? You can easily request the location via the GPS Tracking System, showing your vehicle’s location. Is this location any other than you expected? Than you can immediately notify the police with the exact location.

ClickTrace +

This GPS Tracking System is very flexible and can be place in any object within seconds, but using the strong magnets. Once placed, the GPS Tracking System does its job. If the object starts to move, a GPS Tracking System module will send its positions with an adjustable interval, to your web application as long as it’s moving, thanks to the built-in vibration sensor. This enables you to follow and guard your GPS Tracking System in real time! By adjusting the vibration function to switch on/off at a fixed time, it is possible to monitor vehicles or other objects when you’re not around. When this vibration sensor is activated, you (and up to 10 other people) will receive a text message, or you will be called. Also, this GPS Tracking system has the Geofence function (i.e. virtual fence).

How much does a GPS Tracking system cost? And what are the associated cost for sending data and text messages?

If you choose for pre-paid, you have the possibility to request the location. This can be very useful if you occasionally would like to check the vehicle’s location. This incurs on-off costs which are well manageable.

Naast deze prepaid optie (die standaard bij de prijs in zit), kan u er ook voor kiezen voor een 12 maanden inlog mogelijkheid op onze (Mobile) Web Application. We do ask you a small fee of €9,99 per month, and you will have the possibility of viewing the movements history of your GPS Tracking System.

Data that can be viewed includes
• Distance
• Speed
• Start/stop
• You may check out the options under the menu ‘Specifications’

We will configure your GPS Tracking System to your specifications, making it ready-to-use.

Extra details
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!

Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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