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Track and Trace for my agricultural or construction machinery?

Agricultural and construction machinery travel on rough roads, which means they require a rugged Track & Trace. For this purpose specifically we developed the Clicktrace +, which is made for tough conditions. This Track and Trace has functionalities that can track, secure, arm, alarm and monitor.

Do you have a machinepark?

A machine for earth consists of many different machines: mobile cranes, crawler cranes, mini excavators, shovels and trucks. Machines of different brands and types.
For your varied machinery we have a universal solution. You can manage all your web application to a remote machines, regardless of brand or year. Based on your requirements and wishes, we choose the right Click Trace + for you.
Depending on your needs and the machines we can objectively and automatically record the following information:

• start and stop times
• operating hours
• speed
• fuel use
• fuel level

Comprehensive reports ensure that you can access, easily print and save the correct data.

Guard/secure my agricultural / construction machinery with which Track and Trace?

Custom made solutions

Gpsvolgsystemen.eu have the ability to deliver customized solutions. Products that need specific requirements or if you are interested in our suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to hear from you!


We can provide this Track and Trace in various versions. If you would like to add security to an aggregate, we have the ideal product: a GPS Tracker in the shape of a filler cap. So even on close inspection the Tracker does not give itself away.

ClickTrace +

Agricultural and construction machinery are wanted objects with thieves, so to secure them the Clicktrace + combines two security elements in one Track and Trace.Vibration sensor / Alarm function

Our Track and Trace are fitted with a vibration sensor and can be linked to a timeframe. The vibration sensors of the Tracn and Trace can be adjusted with different levels of sensitivity. When the timeframe is activated and is set to e.g. 5pm to 6am, your equipment will be guarded during its stay at the site. If the machine is moved at night and the vibration sensors notice it, you and up to 10 other people will receive a text message alarm. You can then follow the movements of the equipment via your own (mobile) web application.

Geofence (virtual fence)

It is also possible to create a ‘Geofence’ around your equipment. In effect, you will have a virtual fence around your machine. Should the equipment spend long periods of time in one location, it can be good to know when it leaves the site or when it is moving. The virtual fence can be set up with a diameter of up to 100 meters. Should the equipment come outside this ring, you will receive a text message alarm, together with up to 10 other people.

These options make sure that you control the security one hundred percent. You can always log on to our free (mobile) web application. This way, you will always be in the loop on what is happening to your machinery, without the cost of an expensive emergency switchboard.

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

(land) agriculture/construction machine security with a RFID Tracker?

measurements of 5x6x1,7 cm, which is the size of a match-box
With the RF transponder you will always find your valuables back. With the help of a very advanced technology in the RF transponder we can find all of your stolen gear back, in all of Europe with a 10cm accuracy, even if the object is hidden in a basement or container, without even breaking a sweat. On top of that it cannot, due to the newest technology, be found using the current GSM/GPRS trackers and it also circumvents the radio wave GSM/GPRS blockers and jammers.

The RF Transponder will by default be delivered with the detective module. In case some of your belongings have been stolen, you can contact our detectives 24/7, after which they will take care of tracking and returning your items. The 1st time we will do a free check whether your valuables will be returned to you, or confiscated by the police.

All the benefits in a row:

• Policy benefits at your insurance company (ask your insurance company first)
• Installed professionally on location
• Wireless and very compact (60 mm x 55m x 17mm)
• Worldwide coverage
• Even traceable in pilotages, containers and building.
• Not sensitive to GSM blockers and jammers thanks to our newest technology with radio frequencies.
• Your own secure website
• Localization (GSM and RF radio waves)
• Standard follow up in cases of theft (detective module within the EU 27)
• Internal lithium battery with a minimal life span of 3 years (at one report a day)
• Untraceable by the current generation of GSM trackers
• Geo-fence reports
• App for smartphone or tablet
• 12 months of hardware warranty

Radio module 3 jaarwireless

Corporate Social Responsibility?

Benefits of reducing your vehicle emissions

Limiting your vehicle emissions can help you to reduce your environmental impact and benefit your business. Condition Based Maintainance (CBM) = saving cost

Emissions from vehicle exhausts are a significant source of air pollutants including:

  • CO2
  • carbon monoxide
  • fine dust particles
  • nitrogen oxides
  • unburnt hydrocarbons

You should try to limit the amount of vehicle emissions that your business produces as they may:

  • lead to ill health, such as respiratory problems, among your staff and the public
  • cause a nuisance to your neighbours
  • contribute to roadside levels of pollution in urban centres
  • contribute to climate change

You can also reduce your transport costs, such as fuel bills and vehicle tax, by choosing vehicles that are more environmentally friendly and using them more efficiently.

Financial savings

By using vehicles more efficiently you can make significant financial savings through reduced fuel costs and less wear and tear which could help save money by using employees’ time more efficiently and by finding new uses for land previously used for parking.

The Energy Saving Trust suggests that a business with a car and van fleet of 100 vehicles could save up to £90,000 a year by implementing green fleet policies. See the page in this guideline on Using work vehicles efficiently.

Investing in vehicles that are more environmentally friendly may also make you eligible for enhanced capital allowances and other tax breaks. See the page in this guideline on Taxes, tax breaks and grants for low-emission vehicles

Improved business’ image

Reducing your environmental impact can help to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and improve the image of your business.

Awareness of environmental issues is growing, and customers, investors and other stakeholders increasingly prefer to deal with businesses that have good environmental credentials. Having environmental policies and procedures in place is likely to be viewed positively and can also help you win contracts when you tender for business.

Employee benefits

Educating your employees about the environmental impacts of transport and encouraging them to walk, cycle or use public transport for commuting and business travel can benefit their health and finances. It may also contribute to reduced sickness absence, increased staff retention and improved local air quality.

A workplace travel plan can be a cost-effective way for you to put these policies in place.

ChooseAnotherWay.com: How to create a workplace travel plan

Training your employees to drive safely and efficiently and to maintain vehicles can help reduce vehicle emissions and the number of work-related road incidents. Employees also benefit from a cleaner and safer environment and save money if they drive carefully outside of work. See the page in this guideline on Using work vehicles efficiently.

Business continuity

Fuel-efficient driving may also enable you to continue with your normal operations if there are temporary disruptions in the fuel supply.

Cabinet Office: Business continuity management for fuel shortages

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