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Buyer protection against copper theft?

We offer a possible solution for securing your buyer. Because copper is flexible, easy to deform and is a very large conductivity of electricity and heat, it is used in industry on a large scale. In recent years, the price of copper has increased significantly, and as a result there is therefore also more copper stolen.

Some important applications are:

• copper wire
• electromagnets
• coins
• artwork and statues (often bronze), for example, the Statue of Liberty contains ninety kilograms of copper
• vacuum tubes and microwave ovens
• electrical circuits
• musical instruments
• cladding of buildings (including roofing)
• coolers (heat pipes) for video cards, processors and other semiconductor components
• water pipes

To secure your buyer as well as possible, there are several solutions that can help. In securing the buyer

We can the buyer in three different ways to secure
1) GPS
3) 110 decibel alarm

The possibility exists that when you create a closed circuit with copper wire with a pulse is sent from the transmitter to the receiver. Every 6 seconds a large reel When this circuit is broken, the alarm system SMS (Bel) will give alarm.

sec alarm

The alarm may be a Sec Alarm issue of 110 decibels, making thieves will be deterred. This model can be extended with GPRS and possibly GPS, so you are immediately aware of the situation and can see where your belongings are.

What are the costs for sending the data and SMS? Click

additional details

• The TrackTrace modulles we will wish to set up for you and ready for use.
• See menu “Demo” where you can log on to our free web application easy
• Free mobile web app for iPhone and Android
• IP65 dust and splashproof
• Guaranteed lowest usage cost!

I refer you to the ‘specification’ menu for the Potential (options).

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