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Innovation is the power of progress is manufacturer of tracking and security systems:

Innovation is a hot topic! For example: we constantly see new GPS receivers on the market which are more sensitive and with lower energy consumption. We strive to integrate these newest products into our product line so you can be certain that you use the latest technology!

Choosing to work with puts you in touch with a group of highly capable and motivated professionals. In the meantime has served more than 2000 happy customers and has grown into a full-blown organisation. We have in-house experts in any of the fields we require, enabling us to always have a total and complete solution. .

Professional platform::

For the customers with specific wishes, we use our professional platform. This professional platform offers an ideal combination of our tailor-made products. The possibilities are limitless. If you require special technology or a specific application, we’d love to have a brain storm session with you.

Of course you are always welcome to make an appointment without any obligations, at our sales office for more information or a demonstration.

Some examples of customized projects:

– Relay switches, remotely operated
– Tilt sensor: If the object is tilted to a certain degree, a notification can be send to the owner.
– In/Output: Additional in- and outputs. For example if you would like to receive a notification when a certain switch or pulse was triggered. This can e.g. be an alarm, or battery power level measurement, etc.
– P2P connection. Serial connection, made remotely via the GSM network.
– Remote measurements of certain values and reporting these to your web application
– Measurements that are reported by e-mail or e.g. by text message.

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