Auto: Volgsysteem voor uw auto zonder abonnementskosten!

Sociale controle beveiligingssysteem for my car?

A Track and Trace system for your car with few or multiple applications? We have various Track and Trace systems available which should fulfill your needs. Cars are popular opbjects for thieves – research shows that every 16 minutes a car is stolen in the Netherlands. Should your car get stolen, please report this incident at

Which Track and Trace models for my car?

ClickTrace Follow (trace)

The Track and Trace ‘Wired’ can be connected to the 12/24V battery, you don’t have to worry about the battery life. The location can be sent using the pre-paid card, on your request. Would you just like to know your cars location for some peace of mind, or do you suspect it to be stolen? You can easily request the location via the Track and Trace, showing your car’s location. Is this location any other than you expected? Than you can immediately notify the police with the exact location.If you choose for pre-paid, you have the possibility to request the location. This can be very useful if you occasionally would like to check the vehicle’s location. This incurs on-off costs which are well manageable.

Naast deze prepaid optie (die standaard bij de prijs in zit), kan u er ook voor kiezen voor een 12 maanden inlog mogelijkheid op onze (Mobile) Web Application. We do ask you a small fee of €9,99 per month, and you will have the possibility of viewing the movements history of your Track and Trace.

Data that can be viewed includes

• Distance
• Speed
• Start/stop
• You may check out the options under the menu ‘Specifications’

ClickTrace + (tracking and securing)

The ClickTrace + is our most sold and proven product in the field of tracking and securing. Indien u deze Track and Trace aanschaft is onze (Mobile) Web Application gratis en kunt u inloggen en alle benodigde gegevens inzien op elk moment, dit is al mogelijk zonder abonnementskosten!

You can view all data as discussed above for your simpler version.

Next to these, the ClickTrace + security options can secure your car even better against unwanted behavior.

This Track and Trace has a built-in vibration function which can be adjusted with 3 settings. If you would like to know when your car is moving, this built-in vibration sensor will alarm you with a text message alarm. Another option is to let the vibration sensor work together with the built-in timer which enables you to just let the vibration sensor warn you in the day or at night. Should your car move at a strange time and the vibration sensors notice it, you and up to 10 other people will receive a text message alarm. U kunt dan in loggen op de Gratis (Mobile) Web Application en kijken waar de auto zich bevind. Apart from these security benefits of our Track and Trace system, you will not have added cost of an expensive switchboard service by ordering your system with the standard pre-paid card.

Which connection capabilities come with the ClickTrace + model?

The ClickTrace + has three different connection possibilities:

• ‘Wired’ or by connecting it to a 12/24V battery (battery pack as back-up)
• ‘Wireless’, this model has a battery life, under ideal conditions, of 3 years (possibility to 10 years)
• Removable converter, i.e. can be applied with or without wiring for a battery

The big difference is the possibility to use the GPS Tracker in, on or under any vehicle, for the ‘wireless’ version, using it strong magnets.

Should you use the ‘wired’ version, you will know for sure that the Track and Trace is provided with energy, and has the possibility to switch to the battery pack should the large battery fail.

With the converter you can use the best of both worlds. The Track and Trace can be used separately as well as connected to a battery.

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

Further details

• The Track Trace modulles are ready for use ones delivered
• See menu ‘Demo’ where you can conveniently log on to our free web application
• Free mobile web application for Iphone and android
• IP65 dust and spray proof
• Guaranteed the lowest user cost!
Please refer to the menu ‘Specifications’ to learn about all the possibilities (options).

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