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GPS Tracker systems for your… boat, camper & caravan, car, motorcycle & scooter, agricultural or construction equipment, persons or for your fleet management. is a Dutch supplier and manufacturer of GPS Security systems. The company behind was founded in 1995 by a group of experienced programmers and developers. This experience is used in the ClickTrace product. It all started 18 years ago in the agricultural sector, but today we are well-known in many different sectors. supplies consumers, small and large enterprises and the government.

In the meantime has served more than 2000 happy customers and has grown into a full-blown organisation. We have in-house experts in any of the fields we require, enabling us to always have a total and complete solution.

Choosing to work with puts you in touch with a group of highly capable and motivated professionals.

Keywords that sum up our company:


Products are manufactured in our own Dutch factory and are high quality. We have decided to use components from Europe rather than cheaper but lesser quality parts from China.

User friendliness

All Products are aimed at maximum user friendliness for the customer, for example with the Mobile Web Application and the use of the hardware.


Next to our standard products (as shown on this website), tailor made products are our core business. Do you have different wishes? Let us have a brain-storm session (non-binding of course) for a suitable solution and advice..


We only employ experts. This way you will always have answers to your questions and you will never be left in the dark.

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