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Prepaid or the optional datasim

As you’ve probably read on our website, keeps everything under one roof. The ClickTrace equipment is produced in Bentelo, the Netherlands and is made from very high quality electronic components (‘A’ quality, not ‘B’ quality from China). Also, wrote its own so-called ‘socket’, for communication between the ClickTrace and your own web application. This minimizes the amount of data needed, while still holding all positions and information, resulting in the big advantage of incurring minimum cost for data exchange to the web application of the client.

Advantages vs prepaid

– No after sales service needed
– Professional
– International coverage
– Stability
– Tax deductable

How much does this M2M data card cost? buys these SIM cards in bulk (from KPN) and can therefor offer these at low rates.
With this ‘data subscription variant’ a small monthly amount is charged to keep the sim card active (called ‘keep alive fee’). The amount of this ‘keep alive fee’ depends on the number of connections (modules). Data usage is charged on top of the ‘keep alive fee’, at €1,- per 1000 positions. On average, 500 positions per month is more than enough for each application. The frequency of the ClickTrace is adjustable, but the ClickTrace only sends positions as long as it is moving. Right after movement stops, the module stops sending positions and then goes into hibernation to save energy.The M2M data card is charged once per year, in advance.

Number of connections/modules ‘Keep alive fee’ per sim
1 – 4 €7,95.-
5 – 10 €6,95.-
11 – 25 €5,95.-
26 – 50 €4,95.-
51 – 75 €4,25.-
76 – 100 €3,95.-
101 – 150 €3,49.-
> 151 tailor made

What are the cost for the prepaid and datacards? Click here

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